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The Advanced Police Studies Course (APSC) is the Institute‘s most advanced leadership development course which assist to preparpolice officers for advancement to most senior ranks and top management position in the service.  

Target Course Participants 

The course is open to Police Officers of Deputy Commissioners of Police and equivalent in other services with satisfactory potential to progress further in their careers. The Course may form the prerequisite for officers seeking promotion to Commissioner of Police and equivalent in other services in Nigeria.  

Foreign participants with ability to communicate and learn in English Language meeting the above criteria may be admitted into the programme. The APSC is also open to those across the public and private sectors who are working at the Executive Level and satisfy the minimum requirements may also be admitted into the course. 

The objective of the programme 

The APSC aims to develop senior leaders in law enforcement and relevant sectors to effectively lead policing operations and organisations locally, regionally and nationally. Course Participants will have a unique opportunity to engage in a contemporary challenging leadership development programmesgaining from the extensive range of experiences and best practices shared amongst participants and facilitators 

Course Modules 

The APSC is delivered via a blend of comprehensive strategic academic exercises. There are sessions steered by skilful facilitators from with policing and non-policing backgrounds who relate their vast and valuable personal experiences in case scenarios rooted in strategic level leadership responsibilitiesOur consultants similarly apply their rich academic expertise, buttressed by shared knowledge across broad spectrum in related fields. Participants will carry out assignments and tasks designed to deepen thoughts and relating them to support application in workplace and are eventually assessed to form part of participant’s grades 

The APSC provides a critical part of the overall leadership development of Deputy Commissioners of Police and equivalent. At the end of the programme, graduates of the course personally own development plan designed to support their career professional and development progression. 

  • Advanced Police Studies

    The Course centres on policing competences in managing large units of officers and resources while deepening knowledge in Police Studies leading to earning a Post Graduate Diploma in Police Studies and policing skills aimed at developing qualified Deputy Commissioners of Police or equivalent ready to be promoted Commissioners of Police or equivalent.

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  • Personal Leadership Competences

    This focusses on developing confident, resilient, ethical, intelligent, and upright police leaders with acceptable values, integrity and the ability to develop and effectively apply organisational goals and objectives.

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  • Identification of Challenges and Problem Solving

    Aims at developing leadership competences in holistically identifying root causes of security challenges and threats to peace while developing solutions to effectively solve them.

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  • Strategic Level Partnerships

    Aims to develop senior leaders to explore and maximise opportunities and benefits of working in partnerships with relevant stakeholders for safer communities.

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  • Major Academic Activity

    The Course is entirely participatory with team work and paired assistance guides under close supervision of Senior Lecturers. Participants will be required to complete submit research work relevant to improving security and safety while adding value to further academics.

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