Strategic Leadership and Command Course

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About the Course 

The Strategic Leadership and Command Course (SLCC) is one of the most advanced development policing programmes offered by the Nigeria Police Force and a requirement for serving all Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACP).

It marks the start of continuous professional development of senior/executive officers at the Commissioner cadre and presents participants with unique opportunity to engage in a progressive program that will stretch their imagination, outlook and consolidate learning.



The Strategic Leadership and Command Course (SLCC) lasts for 8 weeks, from August to October. Broadly, the lectures on this course cover two modules.



Overview of Strategic Policing

Module One focuses on the high-risk areas of strategic policing aimed at developing the participants to become effective strategic administrators ready to be appointed to higher responsibilities.



Organizational Leadership

The organisational leadership module will equip participants with the skills and knowledge to create and sustain a culture where there is a diverse workforce that is motivated, engaged, healthy and high-performing. There will be a definite focus upon ethical decision making and leading an organisation dedicated to serving the present and future needs of the public.


 Key Benefits

  • Acquire more leadership and strategic skills, through shared experiences and leading to improved your service delivery.
  • Learn to be proactive with innovations to deal with the ever-rising complexity and advancement in crime and security breaches.
  • Stimulate your intellectual curiosity in exploring strategies aimed at endearing the Nigeria Police Force in the hearts and minds of the public and confronting the Force and other security issues facing the country.
  • Leading strategic transformational change to deliver an ethical and value-for-money service to meet current and future needs;


Research Duration

Participants are expected to commence their research upon the approval of the research topic by the Board of Studies during the first week of the commencement of the course/program.


Qualifications for the Award of “MNIPS”.

Participants who have been adjudged by the Board of Studies and finally, have successfully gone through all the forgoing programmes and has passed all individual essays, participated actively in group works and has passed the Research Project qualifies for the award of the prestigious Member National Institute of Policing Studies (MNIPS).

  • An average of 70% in all individual works and Research Project respectively.
  • A Cumulative score of 70% subject to having a score of 70% in the Research Project.



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  • Strategic Policing (August to September 2020)

    Module 1 This module provides participants with the opportunity to explore ways to effectively lead the strategic command of investigations, critical incidents and other policing operations. To achieve this, they will examine the components of an effective command strategy and how the National Decision Model and the management of risk apply to the strategic command of incidents. Participants will deal with a case review, engage with strategic partners and manage threat and risk. They will examine the responsibilities of a strategic coordinating group and establish the need for one. They will explore the requirements for, and the responsibilities of, a strategic coordinating group, and they will explore media strategy in complex and critical incident situations. They will examine the importance of working with other security agencies and the role the National Joint Security Operations Command and Control Room and Crime Data Base Centre can play in incidents and operations. Finally, the participants will examine the use and importance of covert intelligence operations, balanced with a comprehensive understanding of human rights and community impact. This is an assessed module, and SLCC participants will undertake an assessment of a planned response to a critical incident.

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  • Strategic Leadership (September to October 2020)

    Module 2 Strategic Leadership (September to October 2020) This module provides participants with the opportunities to develop their leadership knowledge and skills as ethical, resilient, confident, emotionally intelligent, politically aware leaders, with clear values and vision, and credibility as public sector leaders at the executive level. Participants will explore current and future strategic leadership challenges. This will include exercises on personal and organisational ethics and integrity where they will learn more about their own leadership style and those of others and the personal impact. Also covered is the importance of developing good organizational cultures that promote equality, respect for diversity and human rights and ethical decision-making. Participants will develop their vision for leadership of the Police organisation and their role and promote effective team working at the executive level, enhancing their personal political awareness to be able to negotiate, influence and lead with integrity in a complex policing environment. They will analyse corporate governance and leadership roles in the public and private sectors and develop a commercial mind-set to enable delivery of value to stakeholders. They will also appraise organisational consulting, and examine how to achieve strategic innovation while distinguishing strategic risk. Participants will examine how to develop a high-performance culture in the Police organisation and discuss the requirements for leading a high-performing organisation – including strategies for engagement and well-being. Participants will undertake series of executive skills sessions, delivered by experts from the public and private sector. This is an assessed module and SLCC students will undertake individual assignments and presentations.

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